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Old West Leather Products

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My knowledge of leather goods stems from living and working in the Bitterroot Valley for 20 years.  My wife is a Montana gal who helps research and run our small shop in our home. I have learned my trade from many "old timers" here in the 'Root. I use only the time tested cowboy way of all hand sewn leather of the highest quality. No machines are used, and I use all original tools so each piece of leather has it's own look. Nothing is identical. My authentic replicas look as if they have jumped out of the pages of history books.
 Several of my products have been used in Feature Western films in the past several years.
 My leather goods are guaranteed to please the discerning collector or used every day in your "wild west". I can customize your own special look.

Chuck Fitzpatrick

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For fine Old West Leather Work,  please contact Chuck at or call 406-375-0822.

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