Lorna Gabel Originals
"Click "on Title to View Painting                                                                  Lorna has stunning new works available for sale - enjoy your meander through her world...


Plenty of Pansies

Pink Dogwoods


Reef Scene

Moose Pond

Kuan Yin                                                        Gingkos

Swallowtail Summer                                      Stripes
Heron                                                             Seated Buddha
Garden Gate
                                                 Night Garden
How the Mighty Have Fallen                         Green Gingko Roundell
Black, White & Yellow                                    Two Red Wing Blackbirds
Khmer Buddha                                                ThreEgrets
Columbine                                                       Red Garden Door
The Cat is Not Allowed on the Sofa                Two Yellow-headed Blackbirds
"Garden Door" Lorna Gabel (Shown above) 6 1/8"x4 1/16" is SOLD


Lorna does selected commissions, so even though this item is sold, please contact her at Montana Art Emporium or call 406-375-0822 for an original of your own. Feel free to email her at lorna@mtart.com.

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